Another World (Single)

by Victim's Foretaste

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Our debut single - Another World!


released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Victim's Foretaste Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: Another World
All the roads are dead ends
There`s no escape
You`re on brink of precipice
Accept your fate
Creepy world around
And ashes fall instead of snow
This town reproduce
Your sinful inner world

Every action in your life
Acquire a shape.
Every hateful dream you soon
Will test by yourself.
Do you recognize them?
This creatures just reflect you.
Your despair and amful fear
Feeds frights and give them force.

This place is like mirror of your inner world.
It`s punishment of all your sins.
So hard to imagine, so hard to believe
But this place is real!

Day by day you wander
In this nightmare
By the trails of blood you follow
To nowhere.
Now you a prisoner
Of deformation ugly realm
Stuck in the town
Of dying hopes and broken dreams
Track Name: The Mist
Fear, only fear
There is nothing more you can feel
Is it day or night?
There`s no matter, only mist around

Blood is so cold, every rustle scares
But you still don`t believe in what your eyes have seen
It`s not a dream, just remain to submit
There is nothing to wait, it is useless to flee…

Fear changes to doom
And the thoughts of salvation will leave you
Somebody plays with your mind
It's so scared as never before

Blood is so cold, every rustle scares
Now you realize what your eyes have seen
You have no strength to resist
They are real, not game of ill brain

There`s nowhere to hide.
Something covered in mist.
You`re just sacrifice
For the creatures of haze.

They`re hunting for you.
You hear their steps.
Now it's no time
No time When you can breath…

Doom, only doom
Something horrible stands behind you
You feel it`s foul breath
It feels your horror and pain.

Fall to one knee and wait for the end
Crying in silence, cause it`s dead end.
The mist is pitiless, no one'll survive.
No chance to hide, nowhere to run